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Gettysburg Parent Letter - Reopening 20-21 (FINAL).pdf

Dear Gettysburg Families, 
Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! We are excited to get the school year started and to reconnect with our Gettysburg community. Our hope is that your family is healthy, safe, and positive during this challenging time. We are aware that you have many unanswered questions and are probably anxious to hear what school will look like this year. We want to thank you for your patience and would like to share some new information. To say this year is going to be different is an understatement. We know that virtual learning will have its challenges, but we are confident that together, our Gettysburg staff and community will work to support our students to grow in Mind, Body, Spirit. 
As we begin to plan for the re-opening of school, below are frequently asked questions and answers: Q: When will I find out who is my child’s teacher? 
A: Class placements will be communicated by the middle of next week via email. Class lists will NOT be posted due to safety protocols. All classes are impacted, so request for change of placement will be denied. 

Q: What will the first day of school (August 17th) look like for my child? 
A: All students will begin the year with online scheduled virtual instruction. Teachers will be communicating with their students before August 17 th with instructions for the first day of school. See the attached bell schedule for Gettysburg’s online learning schedule. Please note – AM TK/Kindergarten students have an earlier start time than the other grade levels. See attached Bell Schedule for online scheduled virtual learning. 

Q: How will my child get their textbooks, workbooks, and other materials as needed? 
A: Teachers will be communicating the distribution plan to students. Distribution will begin on Monday, August 17th by family groups in order to limit the number of people on campus. Our goal is to distribute all materials during the first week of school. Instructions will be communicated before August 17th . 

Q: When and how will I pick up my child's CUSD laptop and/or Hot Spot that I requested when I did my Annual Information Update? 
A: These items will be distributed during the first week of school according to our distribution plan. Instructions will be communicated before August 17th. 

Q: I signed my child up for Traditional Learning, what does that mean? 
A: Your child is starting the school year with online instruction. When the Governor lifts his closure of Fresno County schools and Clovis Unified has returned to in person instruction, students with the traditional option will return to face to face on campus learning. Safety precautions will be in place for students and employees. GENERALS G 2100 Gettysburg Avenue, Clovis, California 93611 (559) 327-6900 David Castro, Principal Diana Copeland, Senior G.I.S. 

Q: I signed up my child for Online Learning and then selected Scheduled Virtual, what does that mean? 
A: Your child is starting the school year with online instruction. When the Governor lifts his closure of Fresno County schools and Clovis Unified has returned to in person instruction, your child will commit to a final option. 

Q: I signed up my child for Online Learning and then selected Flexible Online, what does that mean? A: Starting August 17th your child will be enrolled in the TK-5 th online learning program called Accelerated Education. In 6 th grade, the program is called Edgenuity. Both programs use an online program that teaches, reviews and assesses students in all subjects at their specific grade level. A CUSD teacher will monitor, communicate, and support students. This program does not have a set schedule and students can log on according to their flexible schedule. Your child will still be enrolled at Gettysburg, while utilizing a different program. 

Q: What if I now want to change my choice between Traditional, Scheduled Virtual, and Flexible Online? 
A: Until the Governor reopens, Traditional and Scheduled Virtual will be the same, there is no need to request a change between Traditional and Scheduled Virtual at this time. When we reopen, more information will be sent out. Flexible Online registration is now closed, as we have built our schedule for the year based on student selections. *Please Note: Upon return to Traditional, on campus instruction, your child may be placed with another teacher to balance out classes. If your child needs to be moved, parent/guardians will be contacted prior to changing teachers or placement. 

Q: How will instruction look in the Fall compared to the Spring? Will my student be listening/watching their teacher for every minute of every instructional block? 
A: Students will be engaging in virtual learning, which is similar to traditional (face to face) instruction. Teachers will break up instructional blocks with direct instruction, modeling, independent practice, partner work, small group/breakout sessions, to provide and support various learning modalities. Zoom sessions will be on during instructional blocks and often used as a communication platform between students and teachers. 

Q: On the first day of school will the teachers begin instructing on Zoom in the morning? 
A: Students learn best when they feel safe and have a relationship with their teacher. At Gettysburg we believe it is critical to build positive relationships with our students. The beginning of school will focus heavily on teachers building a sense of family and unity with their new class virtually. It will also be a time to set expectations, procedures, and rules to ensure all students are safe, comfortable, and ready to learn. Look for communication from your child’s teacher regarding instruction during the first week of school. 

Q: How are parents going to attend Back to School Night? 
A: Back to School Night will not be conducted in person. Our plan will be communicated this upcoming week through email. Parents will have the opportunity to meet their child’s teacher virtually at a scheduled time (date/time to be communicated in the near future). 

Q: We are new to Gettysburg or I have a TK or Kindergartener. This is all new to me and a bit overwhelming. Do you have help for new parents? 
A: Watch for emails from your child’s teacher, the school or contact our administration at (559) 327-6900. 

Q: I feel that my child is struggling academically and/or social-emotionally. I'm worried they are going to struggle this year. What is Gettysburg’s plan to address my concerns? 
A: We know many students will be behind and will struggle. We are concerned as well. Teachers will assess and address these concerns and struggles on an individual basis. Classroom teachers, along with additional intervention teachers, Transition Student Relations Liaisons, and other support staff will work together to meet the needs of our students. We will continue to use our 3 Star General positive behavior intervention system and Positivity Project to continue to give students a sense of normalcy and have some fun. 

Q: My child receives Special Education services. I have questions about their IEP and services? 
A: Your child's case manager will be reaching out to discuss plans and answer your questions. They will discuss how accommodations, IEPs, and minutes will work in this online format. 

Q: I still have more unanswered questions. What do I do? 
A: You will see an increase in emails and texts with information this upcoming week. The website is being updated. Please know that we are a phone call away. 

Feel free to contact us at (559) 327-6900. “Generals are Better Together” is the theme for our 2020-2021 school year. I cannot think of a more critical time to be unified as a school community. We do not know what the future holds, but I know that we can endure and overcome whatever challenges may come our way. As your principal I will do my very best to communicate openly and frequently with the most current information. I appreciate your patience, support and cooperation. I value our partnership to ensure a top quality educational experience for our Generals. Together we can make this an amazing year! 


David Castro


 Castro family with David Castro on the left, wife, and two daughters.

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