Annual Testing Video Goes Viral!

April 19, 2018 at 10:23 PM

On Thursday morning, April 19th, Principal Mr. Mele and Mrs. Copeland had a special assembly and presented trophies and "I Rocked the Tests" t-shirts to last year's students who went above and beyond during state testing last spring. Mr. Mele then presented a power point covering testing expectations and good practices for this year's state test which starts Monday, April 23. Mr. Mele then concluded the assembly with the annual get jazzed for testing video created by the Gettysburg staff. The audience was abuzz with excitement. To this point the students were very quiet and respectful knowing the viral video was going to conclude the assembly. The video did not disappoint! The students were especially impressed that first grade teachers could dance on desks and not fall off. Another highlight for the students was Mr. Dan Houtsinger doing The Floss. We look forward to Climbing to New Heights and rocking the tests showing what we know!!!