The Gettysburg Co-Curricular Activities Program is an integral part of our total school program. It is an opportunity to allow all students to acquire progressively the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that lead to maximum development within their individual capabilities. It also affords the child an opportunity to develop social skills needed in order to be a well-adjusted individual. When students elect to participate in co-curricular programs (i.e., chorus, sports, etc.) they must recognize that they have assumed certain responsibilities and obligations to the coach/advisor, to the members of the activity, and certainly themselves. Gettysburg School will maintain a “no cut” policy for all athletic teams. We encourage each and every child who has a desire to be part of a team.

Upon entering any sport or other co-curricular activity, students agree to participate in accordance with Gettysburg Code of Ethics.

  • The participant will maintain a satisfactory level of scholarship (“C” average or 2.0 average) and demonstrate satisfactory behavior and citizenship.
  • The participant must show good character in and out of the classroom. If a student athlete is involved in inappropriate/unacceptable behavior they can removed from the team.
  • The participant is expected to attend practice, meeting, or rehearsal as established for the activity. The participant has the obligation to clear absences and tardies with the teacher or coach in charge of the activity.
  • The student is expected to participate in the activity in a positive manner. The student is to show proper conduct, strive to learn, grow in skills, and contribute to the group effort to the best of his/her ability.
  • The participant will not arbitrarily or unilaterally quit an activity. Normally, there is a one-week grace period during which the student may join an activity and decide if he/she wants to continue. A student may drop the activity only after consultation between the student, coach or advisor, and principal.
  • The student is expected to respect and properly care for all property and equipment issued in conjunction with the activity. Team uniforms are property of the school. Students who negligently lose or cause undue damage to a uniform will be charged for their replacement. **All sports uniforms are due to Mrs. Martinez no later than 1 week after the athlete’s last participation in an activity.
2017-18 Athletic Schedule as of 6-6-2017.pdf

Please click on the link below if your student is interested in track (grades 4-6).  This online permission slip must be completed prior to the first day of practice (Monday, April 9). All uniforms from the spring season must be turned in to room 20.