One of the quality indicators for exemplary schools is the existence of a school recognition program to provide positive reinforcement to students for a job well done. In an effort to promote curricular and co-curricular goals and to recognize student achievement in a wide variety of areas, the school provides many opportunities for students to receive recognition. There will be quarterly assemblies scheduled throughout the year for all grade levels, in which students will receive recognition for curricular as well as co-curricular accomplishments. A schedule of these assemblies will be provided to all parents in our weekly calendar. Awards include: Student of the Month, Writer of the Month, Perfect Attendance, CHARACTER Counts and Principal's Honor Roll.

The Block "G" Medal of Honor Award is the highest award a student may earn at Gettysburg. The Block "G" is available to fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students. The criteria for earning this award reflect a broad base of participation, achievement, and service. In order to earn the Block "G," a student must accrue a set number of points in three distict categories: Mind, Body and Spirit. Please refer to the Block G card and explanation sheet, which is given and reviewed with each student at the beginning and throughout the school year.